Snow Day Superfood Smoothie with Acai

8 Feb

This seems to be a common meteorology mishap lately since hurricane Irene in 2011, and hurricane Sandy in 2012 which was a severe thunderstorm, then a hurricane, then a tropical storm, then a cyclone, then a drizzle etc, etc, etc…. So a few inches of snow today has turned into a snowstorm, then an icy mix, then a blizzard, now a Winter Storm Nemo here on the east coast.

First of all I would like to apologize if I have offended any meteorologists, I know it was National Weatherman’s Day ((now weatherperson’s… political correctness is taking over the world)) just 3 days ago, so thank you weather people for looking out for us.  I am a weather-check-aholic so I really do appreciate their hard work, even if they’re not always right, I love the feeling of thinking I know what kind of weather is to come.

Now onto the smoothie!


The Snow Day Superfood Smoothie is a cozy smoothie with super acai berry ((Berry of the Gods ::with an echo::)) juice.  This smoothie is loaded with antioxidants and tons of vitamins to boost energy and help you get stuff done indoors or have energy to play outside on a snow day.  I actually drink this smoothie a lot, all year round, but since today is snowy, that’s how it got its name.

Servings: 1 glass

1 medium banana
1 handful blueberries
3-4 strawberries
1 cup Sambazon Acai juice
((Optional – 1/2 cup Almond Milk))

Directions:  Blend away!

If you want it to be a frothier smoothie, freeze the banana or juice before making the smoothie.  Sit back and watch the peaceful snowfall… aaahhhhh…

PS: Kids love this stuff!


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