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Easy Mother’s Day DIY – Vanilla Coconut Salt Scrub

10 May

So it’s almost Mother’s Day, and of course you want to get your mom something special, but she either already has everything or you have no idea what to get her…. tada! HOMEMADE VANILLA COCONUT SALT SCRUB!!!

This will only take about ten minutes and will last your mother or grandmother a long time and she will love it.  It also smells amazing, will exfoliate, moisturize, soothe, and be something your mom can actually use.   Anyone can make this, too!  Even if you’re a dad, make this with your kids for your wife or mother, she will appreciate it.


16 oz. Epsom Salt
3/4 cup Coconut Oil ((I use the thick virgin coconut oil and melt it a little))
1 tbsp. Vanilla Extract

That’s it!  Mix them all together, and put them into one or two mason jars, depending on the size or amount of mothers you are giving this too.  Cut a small square of fabric and fasten it into the mason jar for an extra cute motherly touch.

Hope you enjoy making this, and that mothers all over are pleased and enjoy their day.  They deserve it!  Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!

DIY Simple Stencil Reusable Shopping Bag – Create Your Grocery Style

11 Feb

        Our planet Earth is currently on the verge of destruction, so I am going to teach you all how to build a self-sustaining rocket ship…
       Gotchaaaa!…. I’m only going to show you how to fancy up a reusable shopping bag…

        So to avoid more harm to Mother Earth, many people are doing various methods of Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling to slow the destruction down ((and maybe even one day reverse it)). 

        For those who are still using plastic and paper shopping bags, maybe this will motivate you to start reusing… and for those who already use reusable shopping bags, now you can use even better looking ones! Better yet, you can spruce them up yourself! – One thing I always recommend about reusable shopping bags, however, is that you be sure to wash them or disinfect them after every few uses.

        Stores are selling these bags like wildfire, but sometimes the idea is great, but the style not so great.  It may just be that the color and the design are not your favorites, or that you feel strange advertising a name brand everywhere you go shopping.  Whatever the case may be, here is how to turn a plain reusable shopping bag into a cute stenciled masterpiece.


        Okay, so this is very very simple.  Here is your list of materials:

Materials:Blank reusable bag
Stencil of your choice
Folk Art or Fabric Paint
Round stencil brush or Foam Brush
Large piece of cardboard ((or something solid and flat))

ImageCaution:  Practice the stencil on a piece of fabric or paper before actually doing it on the reusable bag.  I learned this the hard way the first time…

What to do:
        1) Purchase:  If you do not have any, you can get blank reusable shopping bags at many websites, and can even order them in groups of 10 or 15 if you want to make these for various people for any special occasion – Christmas, bridal shower take-home, baby shower take-home, birthday, etc.  The stencil I chose is actually from a pack of 12 stencils by Martha Stewart Crafts.  Gotta love Martha <3.
        2) Prepare:  Put a large piece of cardboard or plastic sheet ((something you don’t mind getting messed up)) inside the bag under the area where you will be painting.  Measure to the center or corner, wherever you want the stencil to be on your bag.  I chose the center, but cute corner decorations would be nice as well.
        Make sure you tape the stencil down very firmly, as close as you can to the area being painting, but do not cover the part you will be painting.  Dip your brush into the paint and blot many times, you DO NOT want too much paint on the brush, or it will glob under the stencil.
        3) Paint:  Make sure the stencil is COMPLETELY FLAT against the surface of the bag.  Now tap your round brush or foam brush lightly covering all areas to be stencils.  Be careful not to accidentally stencil in an area not the part of the design you’re focusing on.  Take your time, relax, put some music on, and don’t be scared if it’s too light, you can always add more paint, but its hard to remove a blob.
        4) Let Dry:  Let the part you stenciled dry before moving on to another part of the design, so that you are not placing the stencil sheet over wet paint and smudging anything.

        Now you’re done and ready to shop in style, or have a great gift for a loved one.  If you want to make it even cuter, add some ribbon or a bow.


        Always feel free to use any colors and styles you like.  You can even theme them for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, etc… but it’s usually nicest to have something you can use year-round.       

DIY More Chic than Shabby Statement Boots

11 Feb

So you have a pair of boots or booties that just sit in your closet, and they’re O K, but they’re just missing something


Oh, but those boots are kind of cute, right?  WRONG.  They were purchased on a whim about 5 years ago, and look like unflattering Peter Pan boots when one is wearing them.  SOLUTION:  DIY More Chic than Shabby Statement Boots.

Yes, I know this has been done before on Pinterest and such, but it was such a neat idea that I wanted to do it myself ((DIM)) add my own flair to it because I find the ones on Pinterest either too shabby, or too plain and chic.  I wanted to create a more feminine version with a natural cozy feel to it.

Start out by going around your house, through your accessories in your room, picking out whatever seems natural, dainty, interesting, foreign, etc.  You can also go to a fabric store and purchase any kind of ribbon or fabric that intrigues you such as lace, feathers, etc.  It’s probably the simplest DIY project you can do.

So I used a feather headband I had previously made, a turquoise necklace given to me by my sister, beaded necklace, feminine looking ribbon, two Native American maskaipachas ((one Incan, one from a Cherokee woman)), and a skinny vintage tie.  I just tried to alternate the light and dark colors on the boot, and create the boots so that although they are completely different, they soooorta match in a quirky way.  And here’s what happened:


If you want even chic-er statement boots, and you have the supplies, feel free to make both boots look exactly the same.  You can glue down the pieces if you’d like, but it’s also fun to leave them loose so you can try another design a different day for a different outfit.

This is a lot like my “What’s in the Refrigerator Vegan Quinoa Soup,” where you can just pretty much create whatever your little heart tells you, to your taste.  Even men can create statement boots by adding a belts, ties, headbands, etc. without the dainty stuff to their boots.  Here is an alternative version I made just for fun:

DSC00601 DSC00603

Making these is almost therapeutic… Have fun!

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